Talk.CSS #26

Event location: Skyscanner Singapore

We had quite a crowd this time around, but Skyscanner’s conference room was more than capapble of handling said crowd. We want to thank Ardy for helping us out with hosting, as well as his great talk. As well as Michael, who showed up in person to video us this month.

So this happened…



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CSS colour of the month

Link to Frontend development for distributed teams video

Ardy shares how frontend development is done at Skyscanner, with a distributed team of more than 400 engineers.

Link to Faux sub-grid video

Using CSS grid but sad that subgrid isn't here yet? Zell has open-sourced his Sass-powered workaround.

Link to How to use atomic CSS and sleep at night video

Sheldon presents a measured evaluation on the pros and cons of atomic CSS.

CSS News (March 2018)

Updates and news in the world of CSS for March 2018. Our regular segment. Topics covered available here.

About the speakers…

Zell Liew

Zell has the wrong qualifications and shouldn't be here. Fortunately no one told him and he went and became a freelance web developer anyway.

Sheldon Cheng

Sheldon used to dabble in UX and design before finding his calling in frontend development.

Ardy Dedase

Engineer at Skyscanner.

All videos courtesy of Engineers.SG.

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