Convince your boss

Taking a page out of our favourite conferences, Form, Function & Class and Smashing Conference, SingaporeCSS has also prepared a short document outlining the reasons why it’s a good idea for your boss to allow you and your whole team to come for this Talk.CSS event. Or if you need to convince yourself to come.

  1. Paula Scher said she could never walk into an office and sit down at her desk to design. That she would accomplish nothing doing so. Face time with other designers and developers can be an inspirational trigger for better work.

  2. Having the team attend an event together can be a unifying activity, treat it like a team building thing.

  3. Hanging out with a large group of like-minded people exponentially increases the possibility of meeting fellow collaborators, clients, subject matter experts or even potential employees.

  4. Learn about the latest in CSS technologies, as well as industry trends in the field of web design and development from renowned speakers.

  5. Tickets are insanely affordable, at SGD25 per person, with free coffee and a T-shirt for all attendees.

We’d love for you to join us at this special Talk.CSS event. Bring your team, bring your friends, bring your boss (if possible) and let’s build our webic community together!

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