Talk.CSS #23 Party Edition 🎉

Event location: Autodesk Asia

Event date: Nov 29, 2017


Talk.CSS is 2 years old! 💃 We made it to the terrible twos without missing a month, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all your support. We cannot say enough to express how appreciative we are of all you kind folks who show up for our little meetup every month.

As with most birthday celebrations, there will be cake 🎂! Courtesy of Chris and his wonderful wife, Sarah, who is officially friend-for-life ❤️ of Talk.CSS. So come join this tiny milestone event and nerd out on CSS with us!

We’ll be at Autodesk Asia. Here’s a map so you don’t get lost, nearest MRT is One North.

Latest CSS news by Talk.CSS
Our no-longer-new regular segment which will cover latest updates in the realm of CSS and HTML.

CSS-ing the Super Silly Hackathon website by Lim Chee Aun
What do you mean simi si Super Silly Hackathon?! It’s only the most awesome hackathon in the world, organised by the most awesome people on the planet! Tickets are available now. Anyway, Chee Aun built the site with some cool CSS which he will share with us.

CSS Panel Time: 2017 wrap-up edition by The Usual Suspects
It’s that time of the year again. That time when Chris and Hui Jing are unable to find enough speakers and so have chosen to play the Let’s-do-a-panel-thingy card. Besides, it’s our second birthday, some introspection seemed apt.

The CSS doctor is in
Layouts looking a bit broken? CSS issues getting you down? We’re here to help. Tell us your CSS problem and get a crowd-sourced solution from all the CSS enthusiasts in Singapore right here.

Lightning talks welcome, just poke Chris or Huijing when you get there. We welcome any CSS-related topics at ANY level because we’re all here to learn and share :)

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