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We’ve finally reached a point where enough people have spoken at Talk.CSS to warrant having a dedicated past speakers page. The existence of this page (as well as the past meetups page) is a milestone for Talk.CSS.

So far, 76 lovely people have spoken at Talk.CSS, we want you to be one of them too. If you’re thinking, “but I have nothing to talk about”, we can help. Anything related to CSS will work. It could be something you debugged at work, or about a new property you read about, or something you built, or even a rant about why something doesn’t work the way you want it.

Even if you just have an inkling of an idea, do get in touch with Hui Jing or Wei. You can email, send us messages on or Facebook, tweet at us (@SingaporeCSS, @wgao19 and @hj_chen), ping us on the KopiJS slack channel or our own Gitter channel. We are totally accessible.


    Well, it's still a mystery, so check back to see if the kittencorn has been replaced.


    Beautiful people who volunteered to showcase their CodePen creations. Details in the description above!


    Hui Jing played basketball for more than half her life and it indirectly led her to web development. Ask her about that.


    Zell has the wrong qualifications and shouldn't be here. Fortunately no one told him and he went and became a freelance web developer anyway.


    Chris apparently has the wrong qualifications and shouldn't be here. No one told him though, and despite not wanting to work with computers, he became a web developer anyway.


    Hong Kheng is a front-end developer at SP Digital. She likes pretty things that move.


    Sayanee is an engineer dabbling with web technologies and electronic sensors. She shares her learnings through screencasts on Build Podcast.


    Yong Jun became a web developer so he could be away from the office, working from a sunny beach. At this moment, he is writing and an office.


    Shiaw Uen is a developer. He occasionally plants vegetables and makes soap.


    Sahil is a web developer who occasionally misses the old days of marquee text and hit counters on websites., anyone?


    Aysha is a front-end engineer and a wannabe designer. Her motto in life is 'Code, Yoga, and Cats'.


    Joel is an inexperienced web developer who’s here to tell you how to do your job.


    William is a software developer. He is currently building an indie game called Larinite.


    Thomas likes to work with curious people on ambitious tech projects and hosts CSSConf.Asia, a little big yearly gathering of South-east Asia's web designers and front-end developers.


    Tim is a JavaScript & NodeJS developer, speaker and founder of the CampJS conference, as well as our sister meetup, SingaporeJS.


    Head Honcho of KopiJS. Maker of products. Purveyor of stickers. (This is what happens when Hui Jing writes your bio for you)


    Weiman is an user experience designer who is happiest surrounded by robots, graphic novels, and a nice cup of tea. Occasionally she tries to make sense of the world with visuals and is trying her hand at coding to express herself.


    Ken is healthily obsessed with colours and gradients, css-inspecting buttons and backgrounds whenever he chances on good ones. Otherwise he spends time reading CSS Tricks and listening to Rick Astley while coding.


    Claudio doesn't like CSS.


    Rachel Andrew is the founder of, the company behind the CMS Perch. She regularly writes and speaks about the work she does, and can be found via her blog and personal site and on Twitter.


    Ghis will be writing his one-liner as soon as he knows he has to.


    Yishu is an engineer who learned everything about the web from books, like literally, bound printed paper. Other times she tries to sneak in the designers‘ table and hope no one notices.


    Murray is a learner, trainer and math enthusiast, who was born on a blue day…


    Ayaka is a web designer and developer who likes to try out new things but then forgets about it after two weeks. She loves to eat cheese and see objects placed in a symmetry.


    Kok Hong is a copywriter, not a coder. The last program he wrote was in Pascal for MS-DOS. For some reason, however, he has worked on several websites (MOM website, eCitizen, Enabling Village) over the years, with a focus on accessibility, so hopefully you can learn something from his experience.


    Owais works at Autodesk as a Senior UI Developer. He is a frequent contributor to the Autodesk Engineering blogs and spends his free time programming in the genre of 3D game programming and AR.


    Benjamin is AutoCAD web's emscripten-based back-end engineer.


    Seb is a frontend fanatic hailing from Belgium. When he’s not busy coding, you can find him cultivating the local developer community and regularly speaks at SingaporeJS events.


    John Allsopp is director of Web Directions and author of the seminal article, A Dao of Web Design. John has a background in computer science and mathematics. He has developed software and written books, courses, tutorials, and articles for web designers and developers. He also speaks not infrequently on all things web in Australia and around the world.


    Andy Clarke is one of the best known web designers because of his design work and contributions to the web design industry. He’s given more than sixty presentations at conferences all over the world. As well as numerous articles in web design publications, he’s written three books on website design and development including Transcending CSS and Hardboiled Web Design. In 2017 he relocated from the UK to Sydney to head the design team at Ansarada.


    Mandy is a lover of CSS and Batman and blogs about her adventures in geek fashion.


    Ed loves building for the web and is always trying to improve his skills. He's also a husband, father to a beautiful daughter, and a coffee (black) and tech junkie.


    Gloria is a CSS queen who is bitcoin rich.


    Shirlaine is probably taller than you and is currently learning how to squat properly.


    Engineer at Skyscanner.


    Sheldon used to dabble in UX and design before finding his calling in frontend development.


    Niharika is still writing her one-liner. Maybe.


    A “designer who codes”, but somehow ended up coding more than designing. Afraid of JavaScript.


    Zaydek is a passionate learner; he taught himself graphic design, and is now teaching himself front end, simultaneous to teaching others front-end, too.


    Ben is a Front End Developer from Australia with a keen focus on UX, accessibility, and tech that makes your life easier.


    Plays too much Factorio… and Developer by day


    As of time of writing, Sophie was a 6-month-old baby coder (who knows when you're reading this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). She is in love with and currently contributing to the free and open source project Commons Host.


    Sarah likes to bake things for Talk.CSS and teach children.


    James is a fervent and passionate instructor who has guided many users in the usage of design applications to achieve greater heights in their career development.


    This guy is a full-stack developer who also designs websites. He also plays the double bass. Which is like a violin but really, really humongous.


    Dominic is a Swiss Software engineer who's on a mission to make his peers and customers better developers. Hope you're looking forward to his pull request comments…


    Ted is a co-conspirator of the Cult of Botak Buddies. Driven by a belief that good software makes better people, he works day and night to deliver byte-sized improvements to people’s lives. Things that make him happy include coffee, code, and colorful socks.


    Li Hau is a frontend developer at Shopee. He contributes to open source, blogs and answers questions about JavaScript.


    Hui Qian did not provide a bio. She will regret this. It seems that she has consistently worked for start-ups and moved to Singapore because the 1SGD = 3MYR. SingaporeCSS respects that. Keep getting 'em cheques. Yo.


    React web developer based in Singapore. Badass climber. Reads CSS specs. Most likely can do more pull-ups than you.


    Flies planes. Retro-computing aficionado. One of the most sporting people you'll ever meet. Disclaimer: bio NOT written by Kheng Meng himself.


    Web developer from Australia. Working with CSS since the beginning. Has a deep appreciation for CSS and lots of experience making it work in large-scale applications


    Javascript Developer Advocate for Nexmo. Mozilla TechSpeaker and Mozilla contributor for longer than most people. Pushing the boundaries of the open web every day. Check out his GitHub profile or get in touch on Twitter. You might bump into him in an airport lounge.


    Node.js core collaborator, Electron maintainer, Google Summer of Code mentor and ex-student. Works with v8 team and TC39 committee to make Javascript better, one commit at a time.


    Lin is a web development professional at day and hobbyist at night. He doesn't have many commitments so he has tried many different types of stacks over the years. Now he is deeply in the camp of the React + GraphQL ecosystem.


    Socially inept programmer based in Singapore. Staple foods: music and coffee. Religion: black colour.


    Extroverted engineer who specialises in frontend web development. Other interests include rock climbing, board gaming and improv comedy.


    Full-stack engineer, though uses more queues nowadays. Doesn't drink, but has a story on how he wrote an awesome piece of code while tipsy for the first time.


    A modern Renaissance man with a wide range of interests. Looking for his headphones. Clearly did not write this bio himself.


    0.1x engineer. Loves football. Does frontend.


    Caleb is a self taught developer who is exploring his potential to guide people as a financial advisor.


    Ian kena arrow by Alwyn to speak at Talk.CSS, if he forgives us, maybe he'll write a bio.


    Front End Developer. Lover not a hater.


    Front End Engineer at Rakuten Viki.


    Software engineer.


    Ryan operates in binary mode. He’s always hard at work or hardly working. He likes psychology, ui/ux and making things beautiful.


    Dave tells computers what to do. Sometimes they listen.


    A senior software engineer at Shopee who wants to say "butt is a valid css value" in public.


    Eric is a designer at thoughtbot, accessibility and inclusive design advocate, and maintainer of The A11Y Project.


    John has been a web developer since 1993, so he's seen (and forgotten) a lot. He's also shared his experiences with open-source code and over 80 talks across 4 continents.


    UI Manager and Calligraphy lover from India.


    Vishaag is a CS Engineer who moved to Singapore for his Master's degree, but found Web Development more interesting than his courses.


    Nils loves frontend development, design, origami and chocolate. The order may vary.


    Freelance front-end/accessibility nerd from Rotterdam, Netherlands


    Eric A. Meyer is an author, speaker, blogger, teacher, consultant, and co-founder of An Event Apart. He’s been working on the Web since 1993 and still finds it deeply compelling.


    Daniel got their start on the web writing HTML on Neopets at the wee age of 8. You may know them as BoltClock from their Flash animations on Newgrounds or their HTML/CSS contributions on Stack Overflow.

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