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Those of us who build for the web make use of web technologies all the time. Just like our users give us feedback to improve our websites and applications, we too can provide feedback to browser vendors and the CSS working group.

If you’ve tried to build something and thought, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had X feature in CSS”, you write-up a short use-case and post it up for discussion at WICG Discourse or raise an issue to the CSS Working Group via Github.

If you’ve found a browser bug, don’t just throw your hands up in frustration, also file a bug report to let the browser vendors know there’s something that’s broken. But do be nice about it.

Your feedback does make a difference in helping to move the web forward.

P.S. The layout of this page is kinda broken on Internet Explorer at the moment, but I’ll fix it up when I have the time. Sorry about that.

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