Talk.CSS #10 CodePen edition

Event location: PayPal Singapore

Time for another special edition! This time we’re hosting the first ever CodePen Talk.CSS mash-up session. And that means SWAG for people who show up early. We also have a bunch of great talks lined-up so come over to PayPal Singapore and join us nerd out on CSS and CodePen! 😁

So this happened…

Link to using CodePen video

Ken shares how CodePen features in all aspects of his life.

Link to Fishing for Loves on CodePen video

Aysha teaches us the art, the trickery, and the sorcery on getting loves on CodePen.

Link to structuring CSS video

Claudio is frustrated by CSS and came up with some rules to make it less so.

CSS News (September 2016)

Updates and news in the world of CSS for September 2016. Our regular segment. Topics covered available here.

About the speakers…

Ken Chua

Ken is healthily obsessed with colours and gradients, css-inspecting buttons and backgrounds whenever he chances on good ones. Otherwise he spends time reading CSS Tricks and listening to Rick Astley while coding.

Aysha Anggraini

Aysha is a front-end engineer and a wannabe designer. Her motto in life is 'Code, Yoga, and Cats'.

Claudio Mettler

Claudio doesn't like CSS.

All videos courtesy of Engineers.SG.

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