Talk.CSS #14

Event location: Exabytes Network (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Although this month’s meet-up was announced on short notice due to logistical mishaps, we still had an audience! Exabytes were awesome hosts! We also have a sponsor for the first time in our short existence, Tribehired.

We introduced some new regular segments starting this month. CSS named colour of the month and awesome CSS grid demos. There are (currently) 147 named CSS colours, which is enough to cover us for more than 12 years worth of Talk.CSS, so that’s that.

Also, we are doing our part to spread awareness of CSS grid as the best option for building layouts on the web by showing cool demos of what CSS grid can do. Hopefully, these will inspire you to learn about and use CSS grid in your projects.

So this happened…




CSS colour of the month

Link to talk on CSS syntax

Hui Jing's geek was showing as she explained how to read the CSS property value syntax in the spec.

Link to talk on Design Principles and Typography

Zell went back to basic principles so we can understand why we do typography in certain ways.

CSS News (February 2017)

Updates and news in the world of CSS for Feb 2017. Our regular segment. Topics covered available here.

CSS grid demo of the month

See the Pen Uneven grid layout with the Cicada Principle by Chen Hui Jing (@huijing) on CodePen.

About the speakers…

Zell Liew

Zell has the wrong qualifications and shouldn't be here. Fortunately no one told him and he went and became a freelance web developer anyway.

Chen Hui Jing

Hui Jing played basketball for more than half her life and it indirectly led her to web development. Ask her about that.

All videos courtesy of Engineers.SG.