Talk.CSS #17

Event location: CXA Group

Our next meet-up will happen on the last week of May, on the 31st, that’s a Wednesday, FYI. And we’ll be at ConneXions Asia (CXA Group) once again!

Latest CSS news by Talk.CSS
Our new regular segment which will cover latest updates in the realm of CSS and HTML.

The anatomy of a website redesign by Zell Liew

Beyond Bootstrap Bootstrap is frequently criticized for being the monolithic nightmare that it is. But what are the alternatives? We’ll look at a range of different CSS libraries in an open discussion.

The CSS doctor is in Layouts looking a bit broken? CSS issues getting you down? We’re here to help. Tell us your CSS problem and get a crowd-sourced solution from all the CSS enthusiasts in Singapore right here.

Speakers TBC. Have something you want to share? Let us know!

Lightning talks welcome, just poke Chris or Huijing when you get there. We welcome any CSS-related topics at ANY level because we’re all here to learn and share :)

About the speakers…

Zell Liew

Zell has the wrong qualifications and shouldn't be here. Fortunately no one told him and he went and became a freelance web developer anyway.

Chris Lienert

Chris apparently has the wrong qualifications and shouldn't be here. No one told him though, and despite not wanting to work with computers, he became a web developer anyway. After too many years in the industry, he's doing good things at ConneXionsAsia.

All videos courtesy of Engineers.SG.