talk.js + talk.css = Special Edition!

Event location: PayPal Singapore

So we have a sister meet-up group called Talk.JS, that as the name implies, covers all things Javascript. And, as siblings often can attest to, we clash from time to time (actually no, we’ve never clashed before, I just screwed up the meet-up scheduling this time). BUT, because we love each other so much, we’re turning a timing clash into something different with a super special edition front-end extravaganza!

So this happened…

Link to talk on building a donation web app

Gabrielle and Joanne share their experience of building a better donation web app.

Link to talk on Telegram Bot

Jonathan and Zhen Jie build a Telegram Bot to make the Telegram experience better.

Link to talk on HTTP/2 server push

Our favourite JS wizard, Sebastian, is back to teach us about HTTP/2 server push.

Link to talk on Carpark SG

David built a carpark data visualisation app using LTA's API.

Link to panel discussion on debugging CSS

And for the big finale, our panel discussion on debugging CSS with Tim, Chris and Thomas.

CSS News (July 2016)

Updates and news in the world of CSS for July 2016. Our regular segment. Topics covered available here.

All videos courtesy of Engineers.SG.