Talk.CSS #41

Event location: Viki Singapore

We returned to the offices of Rakuten Viki after almost 2 years (we were last here on 26 July 2017), and it was great. This was the unofficial Talk.CSS Math edition and it was a hoot. If you missed it, well, videos for you then.

So this happened…



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CSS colour of the month

Link to Pure CSS mob video

Van gives a most inspiring talk about drawing with CSS and the joy of doing things without the need for justification.

Link to Making better inputs with pseudo-elements video

Live-coding by Dylan as he explains how pseudo-elements can used for making radios and checkboxes look better.

Link to Implementing trigonometry in SCSS and lessons learnt video

A beautiful talk on how trigonometric functions can be used with SCSS to create performant animations by Weiyuan.

Link to Preventing image reflow video

A short but immensely useful lightning talk by Ollie on preventing image reflow on your web pages.

CSS News (July 2019)

Updates and news in the world of CSS for July 2019. Our regular segment. Topics covered available here.

About the speakers…

Nguyen Tuong Van

Socially inept programmer based in Singapore. Staple foods: music and coffee. Religion: black colour.

Dylan Ho

Extroverted engineer who specialises in frontend web development. Other interests include rock climbing, board gaming and improv comedy.

Liu Weiyuan

Full-stack engineer, though uses more queues nowadays. Doesn't drink, but has a story on how he wrote an awesome piece of code while tipsy for the first time.

Ollie Monk

A modern Renaissance man with a wide range of interests. Looking for his headphones. Clearly did not write this bio himself.

All videos courtesy of Engineers.SG.

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